LTL and ftl services

At Aeropronto USA Cargo Service, Corp. we take great pride in our cargo and freight arrangement capabilities. As freight brokers we have access to preferential rates from the top rated carriers in the United States. We understand that each region is unique and we are able to attend to all of our customers LTL and FTL needs. Using our services you will be moving your freight within minutes with excellent nationwide LTL and FTL rates. Thanks to our access to an advanced transportation management system we quote each shipment with a number of carriers at a time giving our customers different options to meet their needs. To receive an LTL or FTL quote simply give us a call or send us an email.

Any quote given by phone will then be confirmed on your payment slip and/or invoice PRIOR to truck dispatch. Any discrepancy caused by erroneous information given at time of the quotation may incur in additional fees. If payment for additional fees is not made as agreed, the customer will be held liable for collection fees and will be subject to interest charges.

For better service we ask that you have the following information on hand when quoting:

  • Origin Address

  • Delivery Address

  • Dimensions and Weight

  • Commodity Description and Value

  • Extra Service Requests if need be (lift gate service, appointment needed, etc)

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LTL is the term given to “Less Than Truck Load” freight shipments. LTL shipments are carried out when the cargo volume doesn’t occupy the complete available space of a trailer.

When a customer has their freight shipped LTL shipping, they will only pay for the portion of the trailer that their cargo occupies. Their cargo will be in transit along with cargo destined for different consignees.


FTL is the term given to “Full Truck Load” freight shipments. FTL shipments are carried out when the cargo volume occupies the complete available space of a trailer or when the customer pays for trailer exclusivity.

When a customer has their freight shipped via FTL shipping their cargo will ride alone in a locked and/or sealed trailer with no other cargo on board.

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Container Drayage


Drayage is the term given to the transport of a container between a port and an external facility.

Located in South Florida we offer our customers excellent drayage rates from Port Everglades, Port of Miami, and South Florida container terminals.